Design Trends for 2008 for Change by Changeit

Design Trends for 2008 for Change by Changeit

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For those of us vertically challenged, trying to keep our tush on the sofa and touch the floor with our toes will be simplified with the overdue smaller scaled furniture trend. Although we may miss converting our sofa into a bed for 6, the versatility of small furniture lends itself to guaranteed uniqueness. Face it, big only goes with big. With sleeker silhouettes, we can again bring in our vintage beauties and get our going once, going twice fix. Here I come auctions, estate sales, and how can we forget garage sales. The design flexibility of this new furniture look allows us to bring it altogether making your house a home uniquely you.

Although the oversized silhouettes are shrinking, patterns are doing the reverse. Decorative prints are found in fabrics and wall and floor coverings. Does that mean wallpaper is back? You Bet! Remember to size this time around. According to large scale black & white will dominate the look of 2008.

Color…just poured a darker tone on your wall? Continue to enjoy forging the way of trends. This also has lent itself to black as the focal color. Yes, you will find more upholstery and wood finishes in black.

Blue eyes shining on me….Blue is in. Earth tones continue to sport their colors as well. Which I think lends itself well the “Green Trend” and environment friendly growth. Speaking of the green trend, might be the year to invest earth friendly paint. No VOC
for me. You gotta love it, you really gotta love your colors. I say paint to dwell, then if you later decide to sell, paint to sell.

Bring out the shades…accent material will be light, bright, and lively. Enjoy seeing silver, chrome, mirrors, mercury glass, and Lucite in 2008. Great way to keep it cozy, work it with the natural comfort of wood.

So you prefer your cozy corner for reading? Keep it, and add a trend setting change with a couple pillows, lamp, or throw. I love my home with some trends, some antiques, some children’s art, a lot of comfortable living which brings me to my closing thought. After an exhausting day you want to look forward to relaxing in your home. Why not create a home you love coming home to?